Chloe The Edith handbag 1/2 price on NM website

  1. Neiman just put another Chloe bag on clearance....1/2 price....Chloe The Edith's the huge bowler style...about the same size as the oversized Muse....I saw it in the store for full price over the's a great bag...the brown color was on sale on the website
  2. I hope someone on the forum got it....I just checked and they are all gone
  3. Hey thanks, I just ordered it in the ivory color for 1/2 off. They also had a gucci but it was gone when I put it in my shopping bag
  4. Congrats!! That is a great bag....I looked at it over the weekend at NM....they had it in a navy color....just will you ivory....!! I am glad you were able to get it!!
  5. ohh so you got it?
  6. Hey,
    I just got an email today telling me that they had sold out of the Edith bag I ordered. Do they do this often. I plan to call and complain since the purchase went through
  7. That is terrible....I would insist they find one in a store for you....
  8. I remember almost every TPFer had the same problem during the NM last call sale a few weeks ago. You are not alone:sweatdrop: