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  1. Hey guys,

    What do you think about the small Chloe Tess bag for everyday use? This will be my first designer bag purchase and I want to have a bag that I can use for day and night. I'm thinking about getting the bag in black.

    I really like the look of the small, I think it's quite pretty and goes with many different style outfits, but probably better with day than night. In the night, I'd use the shorter strap. It's also more structured than the Drew (I used to own a Drew), but because of that, it doesn't fit as much since it doesn't expand. I'd go to the store and test to see if my daily essentials fit inside!

    One thing to warn you about is that the resale value is terrible. You might spend $2000+ on this bag but in months, when you go to resale, you'll be lucky to get back $800. I can see a brand new one at Fashionphile for $1,625 here! Since you'll likely be able to get a discount on the Tess on certain sites like matchesfashion, I'd keep my eyes peeled! Resale value doesn't mean anything if you love it but it's good to be aware in case you want to sell in the future but you get a nasty shock!

    Another downside is that the hardware is clunky. I've found hardware on all my Chloe bags clunky. Very pretty hardware, though, always enjoy it but it is rather clunky at times. This particular bag is also quite noisy (though this is the case with many Chloe bags) due to the amount of hardware, especially when you walk... You'll definitely be able to hear it.

    I'm a fan of the shape and the short strap + long strap combo, but personally, the wide long strap tends to fall off my shoulder easily, so this is another thing you might want to test out. Not an issue if you go crossbody, though!

    Emma Hill gave a review of this bag, I really liked her review, might help to watch it!
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I actually had a chance to try on this bag in person and I love it! It is the perfect size for me and my everyday use since I don't usually like to carry around a lot of things. I also don't plan on reselling a bag anytime soon since this will be my first purchase.
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