Chloe Tekla Messenger (Navy) at NM

  1. Gone!
  2. ooh that was a cutie, too!
  3. it's available again. go go go
  4. LOL!!! I have been stalking this bag all week and I had it my bag at 5:00am this morning. I was at the last check out step, did a quick search for a shipping code, came back and it was gone!

    It is gone again..:nuts:
  5. I scored this bag early this week, and it's arriving next Monday. Not sure if I'm going to keep it. I heard the leather is very soft and easy to get tore.
  6. I got the chocolate one this week, absolutely love it. I'm waiting for a price match right now. Saks had it for $386.95.
  7. Wow - That is a crazy price. It is such a cool bag and the leather is super soft. Congrats!
  8. Wow, what a great price. I bought this bag in Burgandy at NM 1st markdown (30% off retail), you gals are getting a great deal. Makes me want to buy another just for the deal...:roflmfao:
  9. What's the size of this bag? TIA!
  10. WOW, the price is absolutely amaving. which Saks did you go?
  11. I got mine from NM too, but I found out that Saks had them at that price, so I'm trying to get NM to match it.
  12. I hate how NM doesn't say the size of the bags.
  13. I would say roughly 13 (l) x 12 (h) x 5 (w), the width was measured at the bottom of the bag.

  14. did it work?? how did you go about it? i would love a price match on mine as well :graucho: