Chloe Sunglasses - hot or not?

  1. What does everyone think of these sunglasses? does anyone have the same pair? any chances of pics perhaps :nuts: thanks!!

  2. I like them, but I always have to try sunnies on.
  3. They :supacool: can be cool on the right face.
  4. love these.
  5. I love these galsses but tried them on and they looked awful on me. I suit big glasses (which these are) but somehow these didn't work on me :crybaby:
  6. how did they look weird on u?
    i wish i had a store that i can try chloe sunglasses on...:cursing:
  7. Super HOT !!!!!!:drool:
    But on my face they looks very bad..:crybaby:
  8. They're cute, but I probably couldn't wear them.
  9. yikes lotsa ppl have tried them and it doesn't seem to have worked out for some of you
  10. so hot!! I love them, I wanted them at the start of the season but couldnt find them in the UK, maybe I should start searching again ;)
  11. ah Sarah, where did you see them to actually try them on :smile:
  12. I like them. They remind me a little bit of the Tom Ford ones. You should try them on before buying them.:yes:
  13. Hi J!

    They had them in the Chloe Boutique on Sloane Street when I was last there two weeks ago :yes:

    They were just on the right almost as soon as you walk in the store. I'm going again tomorrow so will check they still have some before you have a potentially wasted trip :flowers:

    They are gorgeous glasses - especially the cream coloured ones. I do wear massive sunglasses but these just didn't look right on me at all :crybaby:
  14. yes, it was the cream ones that I like, oooh if you could let me know I would so appreciate it :smile:

    Thanks sarah :biggrin:
  15. very chic i think, :yes: