Chloe sunglasses at

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  1. I didn't know had anything designer...I wonder about the authenticity?
  2. its just strange that all of these pop-up sale sites have had tons of Chloe glasses for sale lately...
  3. Agreed (although they do also have and have in the past had ray bans). I suppose you can rely on it as much as you rely on Amazon (Amazon proper rather than third party/marketplace sellers) since Amazon now owns woot and a lot of offerings appear to be overstock from there. So not 100%, but there is a real company with very real assets behind the product (versus some pop up deal sites).
  4. I've noticed that also...
  5. SaksFix as well. Hmm?
  6. i'd hope the ones from Saks are authentic. I was talking more about the Groupon and Living Social deals.