Chloe suing LVR?

  1. So, I got this ASQ about a paddy I'm selling:

    I assume f/ the receipt that you got this on line @ Just thought I'd let you know that Chloe is involved in lawsuits w/ them b/c they sell fakes - so you might want to authenticate the bag yourself before someone buys it and leaves neg. feedback...

    The bag in question is authentic so its a moot point but has anyone else heard of this or is this person just blowing smoke?
  2. Wow. Interesting. I'd love to know too! :huh:
  3. I find it very hard to believe that LVR is selling fakes. But then again... after the Bluefly bit... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I haven't heard of any lawsuits though and if they were selling fakes, I am pretty sure that someone here would have brought it up or noticed it, considering how many bags we members here buy in general.
  4. Thats kind of what I figured bal. I recognize this ID though and its driving me nuts since I cant remember where. I think it was someone who asked a million questions on another paddy I was selling but I dunno.
  5. I have seen folks on e-bay claiming that their bags were from LVR and showing recpts, but the lock keyhole is upside down.
  6. How annoying! I would probably tell the person to pack sand. I'm sure you would do it in a much more friendly manner. It's such a hot day here and it's making me cranky. I wonder if they're just fishing and trying to get you to lower the price for them or something.... or they don't have the money and just being a pain for the hell of it.
  7. Yes. Of course it is.
  8. I searched the web and couldn't see anything about a lawsuit. This bluefly scare has made me paranoid....I have only heard really positives about LVR so hopefully that rumor is not true...
  9. Well, I asked for links or something to susbstantiate the claim because if it is out there I think it would be something to be posted here.
  10. If she sends you something, please keep us posted!
  11. OK. one of her friends works for Chloe corporate and s/he says LVR sells fakes. Take it for what you will.
  12. Well, i bought a Mulberry Phoebe a little while ago from LVR, and that was most definitely 1000000% genuine and i had absolutely no problems.:yes:

    IMO it sounds like a buyer causing trouble....:hysteric:
  13. Is there any way to contact Chloe corporate to verify this claim? They should list authorized sellers on their web site so people can buy from legit sources. They should also sue Bluefly!
  14. lvr is definately the real deal i mean they are having an original boutique and selling chloè ready to wear and one should asume that if there would be a lawsuit the shop would not get the new winter collection of RTW ;)
  15. sounds like someone is **** stirring