Chloe Store vs. Department Stores

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  1. I want to order/buy a Chloe baby paddington w/strap. Would you recommend that I call a Chloe store, or NM/Saks/Bergdorf? Thanks:yes:
  2. I have only seen the new baby paddingtons with strap at Nordstoms.
  3. What colors did you see? Which color did you like best? Which Nordstrom's? Thanks.:yes:
  4. Hi! I saw them at the Nordies at Mission Viejo, Brea and South Coast Plaza in California. The colors I saw were Muscade, White - (don't know actual name), Jade (I think) and Black w/Black hardware. I liked the Muscade the best. Hope this helps!!
  5. Thank you so much! Perhaps it is best I live in Cincinnati - I'm a fierce shopper and if I lived near such temptation like you girls on the East and West Coasts!
  6. definitely none at BG. went there a couple of days ago.
  7. If you order from a Chloe store and then have to return it you will NOT get your money back! Only store credit or exchange and you can only return within 7 days! I have a great SA at South Coast but when I wanted to buy a Chloe bag I went there first to see what was there and then hit Nordies or NM. I dont like the return policy there at all.
  8. Thank you! I'm calling Nordstrom's right now.
  9. Thanks for telling me about Chloe's return policy - I would rather not be stuck with a store credit. I'm calling Nordstrom's right now. Thank you, and what is a boobie?
  10. Hi, I just called South Coast Plaza, and I spoke with Nicole, a darling SA, and they have red and muscade on the floor. She is going to check the stockroom and call me back. I would really like to have both the red and muscade!!! I also told her to check the sales table to see if any Paddies were left. :wlae:
  11. I just ordered the red and the muscade - I'll post photos when I receive.
  12. I am so glad you ordered from a department store for the same reasons that Oh Donna listed above. I can't wait to see pics of your new bags, I almost bought the mastic in this style but I have bought too many bags this year already!