Chloe store in Ireland??

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  1. Hi, does anyone know if there is a Chloe store in Ireland? Or any stores there that carry Chloe bags? I am going on vacation there in a few months & plan on doing some shopping. I mainly own Coach bags, but I have to get me a Chloe. My youngest daughter is named Chloe & she loves that there is a bag with her name on it!:P
  2. I left Dublin in 2004 so this might not be correct, but there is not a Chloe store in Dublin.
    However you can buy Chloe at Brown Thomas, a high end department store on Grafton St Mall.
    Have fun in Ireland!!
  3. This is correct Brown Thomas is a large department store on Grafton St in Dublin, it stocks Chloe!:yes:
  4. Thanks! I will be sure to stop in there while I'm in Dublin.
  5. Best Chloe source I know in Ireland is roz77772002 on ebay! She will locate just about anything for you:smile: :tup: Have fun in Ireland...DH and I were there in 2004 and are going back in late summer:smile: You will LOVE it...gorgeous, gorgeous country and very friendly, warm people...:wlae:
  6. \\

    Come on Beanie you're going there to visit Roz and get a Chloe fix!!:smile:
  7. Brown Thomas in Dublin is the best Chloe stockist. Have fun in Dublin, great place. You should try and travel around a bit though - the West is beautiful ( Galway especially ;) ) Enjoy it!!

    (b.t.w. I'm not sure that Roz from ebay is Irish - her profile states United Kingdom which is an entirely separate place)
  8. I'm in Ireland right now and plan to stop by Brown Thomas when we get back to Dublin later this week. I will be happy to report back on their Chloe stock!
  9. Yes Brown Thomas! I bought many things from there when I lived there for 8 months in 04/05! Although when I was there, they didn't have a big range. They just had a small section on it. Times could have changed by then. There are heaps of other designer boutiques in there thought - like Hermes, CD, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, D&G, LV, Fendi and there are some Burberry and DKNY and other brands scattered near those sections although without a proper boutique

    Also be sure to check out the airport. Sometimes they have good duty frees on designer sunglasses too!

  10. If you are into designers (not necessarily Chloe) stop by Dundrum shopping mall, you can catch the light rail there. There is Harvey Nichols department store and they have fantastic bags too. I particularly loved the Juicy section, but if you are from the US, that probably is not as enticing (I'm from Aus, and we don't have much Juicy couture at all)
  11. LOL!
  12. I went to Brown Thomas on Grafton Street in Dublin today and they had a lot of Paddingtons in stock. They had baby Paddies in red, ecru, natural, dark blue, tan, orange, and argent. They had all of the same colors in the medium Paddy as well and a few large ones. They seemed to have items from previous seasons - I'm not anywhere near as expert on this as others on the forum, but they had three different Paddy styles in Blue Jeans Moyen, which I think is from Spring '06? They had the medium with the long strap, the hobo, and another one in that color. They also had tons of wallets and clutches, including one black with black hardware clutch. They also had a good selection of medium and large Ediths in a number of colors. Every single one I looked at was full price, including the ones from previous seasons. I wish some of them had been reduced because I'd probably be going back to the states with a few new bags!
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you got no bargains - Ireland is notoriously expensive as i'm sure you've noticed!
  14. I was just kind of surprised that even the bags from past seasons were still full price. Ah well, seems I'll have to go to Bahrain if I want some real bargains! :smile: