Chloe stock at Nordstroms Brea/SCP

  1. A gold quilted bay, 60% off at $839. If you are interested, pm me.

    They still have the large patent dome paddy, $1250 (40% off), a red large patent heloise at 40% off and black heloise zippy wallet, short ($332, originally $555). Several patent paddy shoulder bags at 40% off, several gold Elvires too.

    SCP has a orange Heloise shoulder bag, a blue paddy flap and gold Elvires.
  2. Thanks so much for taking notice of all these things....
  3. I must say a SPECIAL thanks to you acshih! You know what I am talking about. It is done. It will be mailed on the 22nd to arrive after I return home. (AAAAAAaaaaargh!!!)
  4. Congrats!