Chloe Steals!

  1. thanks for posting!
  2. everything is still available
  3. I just ordered the bowler. Thanks for posting! How do you find these sale items at I can never search for them! If I type in The Edith Bowler in the search box, I get only the regular price ones back. It is $1660 vs. $664. :confused1:
  4. The bowler looks great but can't do another bag. Hope someone from tpf gets it.:blah:
  5. Man, oh man, those prices are amazing. The bowler is gone and I would have loved to have added it to my closet. Thanks for the link; I'm going to add it to my bookmarks.
  6. Thanks, Saythis! I just sent my chocolate bag from BG back last weekend-so maybe it has appeared yet again. It was a great price-but the bag was hard to get into, no cell phone pocket, and VERY STIFF shoulder handles. Beautiful as the price was-I couldn't keep it as I wouldn't use it!:wtf:
  7. dang. they went fast! lol good thing i didn't like them and had no money though !!

  8. no problem ladies! always willing to help separate a girl from her cash!

    JNH14 - did you get the shopper in chocolate? that is the one i was it was a no go...?
  9. Very cute! Thanks for posting!
  10. No, I got the Chocolate Conteen Edith-it is smaller than the shopper and has a zipper on top, but the flap over has two buckles. It was just too hard to get in and out of. The shopper might not be because it's open at the top![​IMG]
  11. Thanks for posting!!! I already have the Bowler and LOVE IT! Only for travel though because of it's size. I do find the buckles a little difficult to get into on other styles. Thanks saythis! Keep'em coming!:smile:
  12. Lynnie, I have the large bowler as well and I love it, but I only use it for travel. Luckily I have been traveling a lot lately!!

    That Shopper is faboluous IRL.
  13. OH I absolutely adore the Edith bowler!! Can the bowler be worn over the shoulder or is it more a hand carried or crook of elbow type bag? Congratulations to everyone who scored an awesome deal!!
  14. jadoret, the Bowler can't be used over the shoulder... it is hand held or crook of the arm only. But she is so yummy:p