Chloe SS in NYC

  1. Thursday October 25th, Friday October 26th. Daily 10am—6pm. 450 Park Ave at 57th St (212-717-8220).
    70-90% clothing and accessories.

    Not sure if handbags will be there, but last year there were handbags gone by the first 10 minutes. Looks like I'll be there at 9am waiting in line with some coffee in hand and taking a half day!
  2. man i wish there was a chloe ss here in la..i would die to go to one!! all you lucky new yorkers=) hope you get some good stuff!
  3. so any other experiences with this ss/?
  4. Thank you so much for posting. I might just have to call in sick for this one.
  5. Wow, the discount sounds great! I hope you gals score!
  6. Does anyone know if they'll have shoes?
  7. I might see some of you ladies in line, then. It's a block from my office!
  8. Did anybody go? If so, how was it? I'm debating whether or not I should hop over during lunch... Was there anything good and how were the lines? Details please! :drool:
  9. Does anyone know if this is invite-only? I was planning on going during lunch and don't want to trek in the rain in vain :sad:
  10. ok.. so i'm really sad b/c i will not b able to check it out till after work. stuff will prob be gone. my friend just told me that she got the most beautiful maggie bag for $150. yes the sale is a b prepared. its worth it to go.. EARLY!:crybaby:
  11. wow what a great deal!!! you guys are lucky to have this. Let us know how it goes... :smile:
  12. It is open to everyone.
  13. just got back. got in line at 9:30, got in at 11:45. I work 15 hours a day normally, so I was not pleased about waiting so long in the blowing rain. But, I did get a bright blue bay bag for ~900. Not a great discount, but a 2007 bag
  14. Congrats on the bag. I hope you'll be able to get a bit of rest later roday.
  15. Anybody gone yet? Do you girls think they are re-stocking? I won't be able to check it out until tomorrow because I am stuck with finishing a presentation... :sad: A Maggie for $150 is such a deal since they were selling for $800 at Billion Dollar Babes on the last day (so that was the super discounted price!)... Please report back-- it'll help me decide if it's worth going tom! Thanks!