Chloe Spring 2008 Accessories available for view at!

  1. There's a purple patent bay bag and the lucite paddington handbag someone asked about a few days ago. Enjoy. ;)
  2. OMG, They have purple bags.....I have died and gone to heaven. acshih where are you to see this!

    the first one almost looks Balenciaga'ish if I dare say so!!!! But I am sure the leather will be divine!!!

    I have to say that they get an "A" from me on most bags except for those new style paddies which get a "D".
  3. Thanks for the heads up, dior! :flowers:

    I'm going to go and have a look, now...! :tup:

  4. Yes. :yes:

    Actually, that's exactly what I thought when I saw the righthand bag in 02 on, although, the leather of the 01 bags is more Balenciaga-ish, isn't it?

    Not sure how keen I am on the Bal influence, personally (I don't want Chloe to be Balenciaga) and I can't say I like the skinny rings, they look cheap, to me... :s I think they'd look better if the straps 'grew' out of the body of the bag (with no hardware).

    I also noticed, on Matches, that they looked very machine-made, which is a shame, too, IMO. :sad: Made in Romania?

    I think No. 04 looks very interesting and I really like the foldover clutch in No.11 (so much so, that I feel a potential purchase coming on!). :tup: I quite like the patent wristlet in that pic, too.

    I also really like the grape colour of the Bay in 05. :smile:
  5. Well you know how Chloe bags are....they always look so much better and and different IRL so lets wait and see....
    personally I find that most stock/website pictures of handbags are not very descriptive of the true nature of the bag. Most of the time I am soooo much more impressed when I see chloe bags IRL.

  6. True, although, much as I love the design of my A/W '07 Kerala Wallet (Romanian-made), it is not as high quality, or handmade looking, as my other (Italian-made) Chloe wallets and bags. :nogood:

    Seems to me that they are trying to offer at least three-tiers of leather goods:

    1. Small, Italian handmade bags with leather linings.

    2. Larger, Italian partially handmade bags with fabric linings.

    ...and the newest level (which seems to be growing)...

    3. Romanian machine-made bags with fabric linings.

    I think it's because so many of the Italian-made bags have been ending up in the sales (partly because of the huge price-hikes over the last few years and partly because of sites like this!), so they are trying to find ways to reduce the prices without reducing their profits.

    Of course, the problem with people not being prepared to pay over 50% retail for a bag (or less), is that, in the long run, they reduce their choice and the quality of the merchandise on offer.

    Shame Chloe can't reduce their prices, a bit, without reducing their quality; but I guess if no one will pay full retail (or close to it), even then, that would be commercial suicide.
  7. I know, I know, saw them this AM:drool::drool::heart::heart:! I want that patent Bay and the lucite padlock paddy! Can't wait to see them irl!:yahoo: I already have an escape clause built-in with my ban! Ban can be broken only with violet/lucite paddy Chloes.:yahoo:

    Now, Mona, between this and purple muse/purple downtown, which one would you choose??
  8. OMG...I think I would have to stick to Chloe for Loyalty reasons.....unless the downtown goes down to an unbeleivable price. The thing with the downtown is that it is BIG, even in the medium size!
  9. My thoughts, exactly! I don't mind a loud violet. But not a huge, loud violet bag! That's the reason I wanted the medium muse, at least a manageable size. I will be going to the outlets at least a couple of times during the next couple of months, and will let you know their stocks there.

    You know, the YSL outlet has great wallets too. Last time I was there, they were on sale for under $150! Wish Chloe has an outlet somewhere! Hehehe, with the number of new/used Chloe bags among us here, can probably host our own, :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. i like the colors, don't really like any of the bags.
  11. oooh! Thanks dior! I love the bags with the big front pockets and the little round tag!
  12. Some of them are nice, but I don't like number 08... the proportions aren't right...
    The bag with lucite padlock is amazing! Who will be the first to show modelling pictures of one of them? A couple of you are bound to purchase one in, let's say, six weeks time...
  13. OOOOHHHHHH, I have to weigh in here....I am very disappointed that they haven't taken my advice and kept making the traditional paddys! :p I guess they have decided that they need to "reinvent the wheel" here. I was so hoping for a paddy in suede (Made in Italy of course!) with lovely brass hardware:smile: :crybaby:I am not a "lucite" fan at all. I think it cheapens the look of the bags, but I am a traditionalist so I guess it's just hard for me to "restyle" something that I really love just the way it is! I would love a violet paddy...not a loud, garish purple, but a rich, deep violet. In looking at the '08 collection, I have to think that my purchasing Chloe days are coming to an end. I really thought that they would be making the paddys (like the Birkin bags) for a long, long time, but with the changes in the company, they obviously want to move on to something else. I am really glad that I have my collection however, since my loyalty has not waned with the times!:tup: I am still buying new "older" paddys when I see them at good prices. I just bought the large pocket paddy in black with brass hardware, from the '06 collection on I have many black paddys, but the leather on this is smooshy and the hardware is wonderful. They can keep the lucite...I think they are doing everything they can to make the bag as cheaply as possible, with the production in other countries like Romania and Moldavia, etc. I noticed that they were adding some exotic skins to some of the styles, but those are not the bags that interest paddys! Well, they do say that all good things must end...are we witnessing the end of the paddington?? I think that may be true.:sad:

  14. Gosh our faux pas, we were discussing these new arrivals in the lucite Paddy link a few days ago and forgot to make it more public? Sorry..:love:
  15. Gosh this saddens me reading your post. You have to be Chloe's best customer ever and quite honestly you bring up some fabulous points. One being quality. Chloe is cutting corners that is obvious and they're not the only designers doing this. Although I think Chloe's craftmanship is still one of the best, e.g. look at Gucci's, when I do I groan inwardly. For the money I feel they are a super rip off (sorry Gucci girls, they are pretty though). Question is besides older Chloe's in new/mint condition what will you do? Wait it out?

    I'm gathering the lucite lock is the biggest issues with you, next to the leather type. Hear me out (I'm thinking as I'm typing). Maybe just maybe Chloe is going with lucite because they're introducing pastels. Pastels with brass (perhaps) is not the best color mix? So as not to distract from the body of they purse they decide to go with a lucite? I'm sure heaviness also comes into play being a Spring/Summer bag? Just brainstorming here.