Chloe South Coast Plaza girls!

  1. MY SA called me tonight and said that presale has already started a little early! 40% off clothes and most bags (no Paddingtons). I guess they are competing with Nordstroms.

    I have 5 bags on hold till I can get there Thursday after work to look at them.

    So much for the purse ban.:P
  2. omg i cant wait! does it start tomorrow? thanks for the info :]
  3. Donna! What are you considering?
    I know what you mean about a purse ban ..... the Sales are CRAZY everywhere ... how can we possibly resist?
  4. Donna,
    Do you know if you need to have an invitation to Presale at the boutique?
    And what goodies are you getting?
  5. Oh Donna, and here we thought you had deserted us for Balenciaga. Welcome back!
  6. yes, so irresistable, these sales! :sad: :graucho: I guess these sales do what they are set out to do...bait us into spending more money because of discounts, as well as get rid of their stock! :yahoo: and yet sales are so much fun! Tomorrow I am going to pick up the bags I got, but I don't know if I should resist actually going ahead and purchasing one of them...but then again, we can always return them at NM!

    Oh Donna! hope you fall in love with one or two or three or all of your bags on hold! :P how exciting!