Chloe Small Heloise Hobo

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  1. I really like this. I have been looking at it on the Saks website and they have a grey one too. I am wondering about the size. It is called the "small" hobo, but the measurements were posted at 14 x13 inches, which is a good size. Is there any chance that you might provide us with some modeling pics??? Pretty please. I would love to see it modeled with the long strap cross body style. Also, do you think it is heavy like other Chloe bags?

    Oh, and what does the interior look like?

    The Saks website doesn't do this blue color justice. It looks so vibrant in your pics. Congrats on you new baby!
  2. Adorable, love the color!!
  3. that is gorgeous - and I love the navy color - the shape reminds me a little of my edith hobo - which is not a small bag by any means... they must refer to it as small because the normal heloise hobo is so deep.

    absolutely stunning - thanks for sharing - what is the name of the color?
  4. it's not heavy at all!!!!

    i'll take some more pics......
  5. It does not look that small..I love it!
  6. Thanks so much for the modeling pics. It looks like it fits messenger style very easily. Also I like the corners/bottom, I didn't notice that before. It's a nice added detail.

    This is such a great bag!!!
  7. thats such a beautiful colour - love it
  8. What a cute size! Love the color and the outside slip pockets! Congrats!
  9. Such a beautiful bag - I love all the heloise styles!

    this colour blue is just stunning though, so gorgeous! Congrats! :smile:
  10. I love the colour and it is a really cute bag!
  11. I nearly missed this - it's gorgeous, i love the style! All the Heloises are great but there's something really drawing me to this one... :smile:
  12. Your new Heloise looks great on you!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: and I loooove the color.:drool:
  13. I havent seen this style before - .. is it a new style?its lovely!.