Chloe, small drew or small faye and what materials?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Newbie here and looking forward to your advice!
    I'm recently considering buying a shoulder bag. Drew or Faye, both in small. I won't use it everyday considering I need to carry my laptop with me when I go to work so I use backpack... I think I will only use it when going out to dinner with friends or shopping, movies, basically, all off work and "non-sporty" occasion.

    I almost decided to get the airy grey small Faye, but then I saw all the comments about the suede being soo hard to taken care of and I also saw pics of them being worn on those trading websites. They really scared me...(because I don't consider the black one because I have too many things in black and want something for the spring).
    So I started to consider the drew...but I still like the one with suede leather, I don't know if that will cause the same problem or not? and I heard the thin shoulder strip hurts a lot. (but I won't carry a lot and I don't know if this will still be a problem?)

    So generally, if choosing only from the style, I like Faye better. To me, Faye is more elegant and drew is more of a cute style, and I generally am not the cute style so I feel Faye suits me better. But, I am still a student now and I just got a job, (this is sort of like a gift to myself of being financially independent finally, plus I've been in love with Chloe for a long time but did not want my parents to pay for it) so I don't want something that's so delicate that I need to baby it all the time and I certainly don't want to spend lots of money fixing it when it's scratched or stained. Which then adds more points to the sustainable drew.

    ps. for Faye, the color I'm considering: motty grey and blue; for drew, also grey and blue (all leather or with suede), also maybe the airy grey (the lighter one) if it doesn't get dirty easily.

    Aaaaaaah, as you all can see I am sooooo indecisive in this. Please help me!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  2. Helloooo! I have drew small bag in black and i really love it! It is an easy bag and i can wear it day to night with the most of my outfits so i would suggest it for sure :heart: But, because this one will be your first chloe bag, i would tell you to buy the one that you love and fits your style. I hope to enjoy your purchase :smile:
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  3. Thanks!!! I love both of them!!! And to be honest, I prefer something that lasts and easier to take care of! And maybe when I start to earn more money I can buy those bags that I need to baby hahaha:smile:
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  4. In my view a drew lasts more in time and i would love it in grey color! I haven't a faye(hope in the future to buy my first one :P) but i prefer it in bigger sizes(i love the faye day bag)! But in both cases i would suggest a leather bag, it's much easier to take care than a suede bag! I have two suede bags, they are so pretty, but i can't enjoy them(especially when it rains you can't wear them) :smile:
  5. I just wish there are more all leather Faye out in the market but sadly I can’t even find any unless on used markets. I tried the bags today and surprisingly, I feel drew looks better on me...I guess I will either get a Drew in blue or the cloudy blue in Faye if I really like it(since I haven’t tried that color on yet)
    Thanks for you advice! Really helpful!!!
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  6. I have the Faye in the blue/silver tone. It's a darker blue, and honestly the exterior doesn't really need to be babied. I've had it for about a year now, and the exterior is almost in perfect condition.

    I also recently sold the drew that I had. It was in a mandarin orange and I think because of its lighter color I felt I had to be more careful.

    Both are absolutely gorgeous and are phenomenal quality. Heartbreakingly, I'm selling them both!
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