Chloe Slideshows!

  1. Hitch hiking to the buzz concerning the upcoming season's collection. I'd slit my wrists for these patent cross front sandals. I truly can't stand it!

    Go to collections to view all the slide show options. My favorite was the Spring runway. You get to see the purses/shoes/outfits all at once. Totally :drool: worthy

  2. Thanks for posting. I am in love with this collection, and I've had my eye on those sandals since I first saw them on Saks on-line, and the Bays, Saskia's (especially that white one)--saw that one in Neiman's tonight---CLASSY.
  3. Oh I love those sandals too! They're so chic and lovely - only problem is, my legs are nowhere near long and/or thin enough to wear them LOL. i think you need to have legs like a newborn foal, with those 10-year-old knobbly knees, to get the most wear out of these :hysteric:
  4. Or?? long flowie skirts? Did you see those fabulous skirts in the Summer runway slide show. So feminine. Made my heart melt.