Chloe Singapore HELP HELP HELP

  1. Hi Ladies

    plzzzzzz i neeed ur help the soooonest .. my fellow tPFer Vanilla Addict is in SG right now and shes looking for chloe boutique ...

    plz SG tPFers do guide us ... adddress? contact #? shes leaving sooon

    thaaaaank u in advance

    modz im sorrry if im posting it in the wrong forum
  2. :crybaby: plz anyone
  3. why don't you call Chloe NY and ask them?
  4. Hi! from what i know, they do not have a chloe boutique in Singapore. However the link at mandarin hotel on orchard road would have a selection of chloe bags. hope that helps!
  5. mona ..thank u dear .. i will

    thank u so much
  6. found this when I did a search in yahoo but have her call and ask before going:

    Chloe Singapore Pte Ltd


    391 Orchard Road #01-09A Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872

    7323166 Fax: 7356007
  7. babydollqueen .. indeed i noticed the orchard street store but they're authentic? im sorrry im not familiar with asian countries's stores *shy*
  8. ask Chloe NY if that store we mentioned sells authentic!!!
  9. mona ..*hugz* thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u sooooooooooo much

    so sweet of u gonna send her a text msg NOW :yahoo: thank u
  10. My pleasure.....I hate to stand in the way of someone trying to shop....;) ;) ;)
  11. mona ... *hug* ur the sweetest thank u dear

    thank u all ladies
  12. hey chloe, yeah the store the link at mandarin hotel is definitely authentic.
  13. babydollqueen ..awwwwwwww thank u

    Vanilla addict is gonna faint LOL LOL ...

    THAAAAAAAANK U LADIES ur the best ever
  14. The Link at the Mandarin Hotel's shopping gallery has the largest selection of Chloe. On Pedder at Ngee Ann City next door also carries Chloe, but that shop is being renovated at the moment. They are temporarily at Palais Renaissance much further up Orchard Road.

    Btw, your friend will be in for a shock at the high prices for Chloes in Singapore. I have never yet bought one in Singapore, because they never go on sale. Even if they did go on sale, the sale prices would probably be the equivalent of retail elsewhere.

    Further note: the Link does not open for business until 1 pm on Sundays. Not sure about On Pedder.
  15. Rox .. thank u soo much for the valubale info