Chloe Silverados I spotted 60% off at Nordstrom

  1. Prices are approximate based on my memory--they're all 60% off as of 1/10/07

    At Nordstrom's Valley Fair in San Jose, CA (408) 248-2180 (SA Georgette is very helpful--she's been with Nordie's 8 years)
    • Bordeaux medium satchel in pebbled leather/suede combo with tricolor whipstitch $700ish
    • Black large doctor bag $750
    • Tan with two front pockets satchel (in I think a medium) $650
    • Also had one Betty--don't remember the size
    At Nordstrom's Stanford in Palo Alto, CA (650) 323-5111
    • Bordeaux small satchel in pebbled leather/suede combo with tricolor whipstitch $600
    • Tan large with no front pockets satchel $650
  2. I've never been wild for the Silverado but the price makes it hard to resist. If I wouldn't buy it reg price, then I shouldn't buy it on sale. Stop tempting me.:noggin:

    If it didn't have the whipstitch it would be a lot nicer bag.
  3. Wow these prices sure are hard to resist.:biggrin:
  4. I love the Silverado! Thanks adoptastray!
  5. Hi all, Tysons Corner (VA) Nordstroms had some Silverados & an Orange Paddington Shopper type bag (don't know the style!) in the sale section - all around $550 - $600, when I went in there today.
  6. Thank you!!! Just bought the black doc bag from Georgette. She's a sweetie!
  7. Oh, you'll love the silverado doc! :nuts: I have the medium and it's so gorgy!!
  8. Nordstrom's at Bellevue Square (WA) also had some Silverado's, Edith, Mulberry's, MJ (Tie Tasha) at 60% off, and some Gucci's at 40% off.