Chloe Silverado Tote!

  1. Finally!! I found a Chloe that I'm completely in love with :love: ! It was love at first sight :shocked: , I really wasn't intending on buying a handbag, especially in front of one of my bestfriends (she doesn't know how BAD my addiction is...none of them do!) and I didn't want to out myself so bluntly! Anyway, I've been wanting a Chloe for my collection for awhile and there she was on display in a glass case in Nordstroms...I didn't even have to hold it, but when I did :roflmfao: :heart: :roflmfao: it was all over! It's big and roomy, just the way I like it. The second pic is a better size estimation, sorry for my bad photography!
    (27) Chloe Silverado Tote, Medium - 1635.JPG DSCN2261.JPG DSCN2264.JPG DSCN2230.JPG DSCN2233.JPG DSCN2221.JPG DSCN2266.JPG
  2. that is soooooooooooo cute!!!
  3. A beauty indeed!!!
  4. I have that same tote in chocolate, and it is one of my absolute favorites! I thought Chloe had discontinued that style, but then heard they brought it back. Glad they did!! Did you see it in any other color?
  5. Oh that's awesome! (and now I can envision what roey's looks like!) I think I saw that at my Norstrom too. Did you see it in chocolate?
  6. I really want that bag in the old tan/cognac color - like the Whiskey Paddington color. It is seriously TDF in that color!!
  7. Thank you everyone for the nice the approval! :heart: Roey, it now has become MY absolute favorite...I'm going to bring it to the North Ca. Purse meeting this Saturday:rolleyes:! I was so mesmerized with the bag that I didn't even notice the other bags or colors BUT, I think there was a whiskey/tan not sure though I don't remember seeing a chocolate. Here is the number to the San Jose, Ca - Nordstrom if you guys want to check, (408) 248-2180....they had alot of Chloes BTW. Goodluck.
  8. Great bag pursemama -- Congrats!! ........ I have that exact bag, same color bought it last year and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ...... have used it for travel and everyday.
    It has been under many plane seats and it is still so perfect and the leather is amazing!
    Enjoy it!

  9. Roey,
    I saw this in Olive (which was great) and a few other colors .... sorry don't remember last week at Nordstrom SCP Costa Mesa, CA.
    Also, a few weeks ago Nordstroms Bellevue, WA had some also.
    Give them a call!
  10. She's just lovely :love: I can't wait to see it this Saturday!!! Congrats!
  11. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!
  12. LOVE!!!!! I have it in teal. :heart: I've always wanted the tan as well... this is the pic that made me fall in love with the bag. Congrats!

    Persuader, yep, I saw them at SCP too. I was terribly underwhelmed with the new colors though.
  13. congrats! i just bought that same style and color a month or so ago. i love it too!!!
  14. OH how I LOOOOOOVE this bag!!
    I think maybe Chloe will be my next conquest!
  15. Ooh what a beauty! Congratulations! Cant wait to see her "live" on Saturday!:biggrin: