Chloe Silverado, the Balenciaga Twiggy, etc.

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  1. I LOVE this site!

    Okay I have some burning questions - if I already have 3 Balenciagas, is it stupid to get the Twiggy? And are they passe or have they been established as a classic? I made a horrendous error on a Luella a year ago and I do not want to repeat it...

    Other big question: the Chloe Silverado - is it worth it? I have the Paddington and passed up an opportunity to get the large doctor Silverado. It seemed too big and almost like a weekend bag, and for $1700, I wanted to be madly in love with it. Did I make a huge mistake?

    So finally, if I neg both of these, are there any absolutely spectacular new bags? I have made some constly mistakes and now want to think about my purchases more carefully. I have a Bottega, some Mulberrys, a Fendi Spy which I love. So far I have not been super inspired by any other fall bags. Any recommendations?
  2. Why was the Luella a mistake?

  3. I don't like Luella bags, too. These are too many crossing bands on those bags for me. Well, you have a pretty good collection of designer bags, maybe you could wait for something new and sensational to come out, instead of buying a bag that merely convinces you.
  4. The Luella was a big mistake because it was too trendy - it was in and out in like 3 months. While I obviously like the so-called "it" bags, in order to justify the ridiculous prices they need longevity beyond one season. I have had my Balenciagas since last April and am still in love with them, so I know it was not a bad purchase.

    Anyway this is not to insult those who like Luella - they make plenty of nice bags, but the one I bought was just not right for me.
  5. I have one Luella -- a Gisele in beige canvas with green stitching and leather. Its not that common a combination and I adore it. I'm not insulted by your preference to not carry one. That only makes mine more special!

    Again, not insulting, but I'm not a big fan of Balenciaga. Other than their proportions, they all look alike to me and they are the most commonly knocked off style I see sold on the streets. That bugs me more than something coming and going out of style.

    Chacon a son gout....

  6. Ahhh, je parle francais aussi...

    Yes, the Balenciaga were better pre-knockoff, but je les aime encore...On an unrelated note, I have a M Missoni mini dress on hold at Bergdorf's. Any opinions? I love it but cannot decide if I can pull it off because my usual style is pattern-less and the pattern on this one is wacky...
  7. So, we have purses, Bergdorf's, NYC and French in common. Tho' I speak only un petit peu.

    I don't think I could wear a Missoni print. I'm not quite 5"2' and I think I'd look like a needlepoint pillow walking down the street.

  8. I am only 5'4 myself, but can make it to 5'8 with certain Manolos...

    That is what I cannot decide - if the print is too overpowering. I am a Libra and therefore je ne peux jamais faire une decision. This will no doubt take me hours of useless consideration and rumination tonight. Thank goodness I start my job soon and can focus on more worthwhile pursuits, LOL.

    BTW, I just got the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. The python SIlverado Doctor bag is amazing. Now I will be torn between that and the Novak. Oy!
  9. I manage to reach 5'4" WITH my Manolos!

  10. I now may have a chance at the Silverado - they are supposeldy holding one over at BG. I should ge it right - if I wait, I will lose out and be sad...but it will require me to return a pair of Sigersons to afford it since I just bought my Mulberry too...Advice PLEASE!
  11. We gotta see pictures of the items in question in order to judge....

    I have a Mulberry in bronze (the Roxanne) that I ADORE! I have to stop myself from carrying it ALL THE TIME because its so useful. Its big but fits nicely under your arm. The compartments are in all the right places -- my iPod can go in an outer pouch and still have the ear buds reach my ears. I love, love, love it. They would have to be pretty amazing shoes to trump a Mulberry Roxy...

    I'm going to BG tomorrow. In their September/October promotion, I managed to earn a $500 gift card. I'm going to burn right through it tomorrow!

  12. It is the Silverado in cognac. I don't have a scanner but I am sure you ahve seen it in pictures? Anyway I would have to return these Sierson flats to have enough because it costs more than I thought...
  13. I was wondering what the shoes looked like... Seems a trade of Sigersons for a Silverado is reasonable. To me, at least. I lived in my Sigerson flat sandals this summer but I don't obsess about shoes the way I do about bags. Is the Mulberry a Roxanne? What color?

    Are you going to the BG trunk shows on October 21st? They are having Mulberry, Tods and Nancy Gonzalez the same day.

  14. I have the Mulberry Roxanne in Chocolate, the bag is actually the Silverado cognac...Sorry the post was not clear...The sigersons are brown flats...
  15. Personally, I think brown flats are easier to come by than a Silverado. If you buy the Silverado now, you have a really good chance that you can still find the Sigersons for sale next month (when your credit frees up a bit....). If you don't jump at the Silverado now, its gone, baby!

    I was eyeing a really pricey bag at BG and didn't know if I was going to embarrass myself when I presented my card and it was rejected. I called BG credit and asked what my 'open to buy' was. What a mistake! They are giving me far more credit than any other card (other than the Amex my husband pays). Now I have to work to control myself. I could get into real trouble.

    Have you ever used BG's Signature Account? Its separate from your regular charge and let's you pay over time without any finance fees. Your BG account can't be overdue and then you have a little application to fill out right at the sales counter. I used it once for a very expensive pair of earrings and it made the whole thing less painful. They don't really openly promote it but they do offer it.