Chloe Silverado Satchel

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  1. Hey you guys ... I need some help, please. I am really interested in the Silverado satchel in tan. I am confused as to the available sizes. Are there two different sizes ... three? NAP lists a "large" tan Silverado with the following dimensions: 8.5" h x 18" w x 7" d. They list a silver Silverado with the following dimensions: 7.5" h x 16" w x 6.5" d. They list a "large" metallic gold Silverado with the following dimensions: 10" h x 14" w x 7" d. LVR lists a "small" Silverado but does not give the dimensions. Do you guys know how big the "small" is? Also, is the "small" available in tan? it seems like they only offer this size in blue or white. Bergdorf Goodman lists a tan Silverado with the following dimensions: 7-1/5" h x 15-1/5" w x 6" d. YIKES :wacko: If anyone can clear this up for me I'd appreciate it.
  2. go to and look at the Black small silverado doctor bag; I have that one, it is NOT SMALL. I love it; but, it is a large bag. The large Silverado is taller; and the straps appear to be shorter; I would think that would exclude it from being a shoulder bag.