Chloe Silverado question

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  1. Does anyone here have one in all leather? I had a tan made of the lambskin leather but didn't like the color. I got the chocolate in the buffalo leather but can't seem to get my arms through the straps as easily as the lambskin. Is there a way to stretch the buffalo leather straps slightly to make them more flexible and longer? Curious if anyone else noticed this?
  2. I have one in a terracotta color, and it is definitely hard to get over the shoulder (which is why it sits in its dustbag entirely too much), but it does seem to be softening up a bit with wear. I think it is just less flexible than lambskin, but will probably break in over time.
  3. Hmmm...I had a red medium late summer/early fall of last year. I could wear it on my shoulders (w/o coat).

    Do the newer bags have shorter straps?
  4. i tried the all black leather and seem to go over my shoulder without a coat fine and i am not your average petite lady either.
  5. I can wear it without a coat, but it's winter here, so I'm wearing a coat everyday. Hence, it isn't getting carried much.