Chloe silverado or Gustto Cala snake?

  1. Chloe. The Gustto seems too shiny, and I prefer the style of the Chloe anyhow.
  2. The Chloe. Normally I don't like the silverado and I love Gustto, but I also think the Cala's way too shiny. Makes it look fake. The Chloe is a nice shade of grey!
  3. I like the Chloe better. Normally I'd like the Gustto, but that one has the unfortunate combination of TWO trends that will probably look dated soon (metallic and snakeskin). That, and it kinda looks like a deflated disco ball.
  4. Another vote for the Chloe. I saw that Gustto Cala IRL, and I was so disappointed. It looks just as shiny, and, IMO, a little cheap.
  5. I tried on that same Gustto bag the other day and it is really thick. Might have been all the stuffing in it but it's a really fat and round bag. The chloe would be a lower profile under the arm I think.

    I think the Chloe silverado is kinda over tho. At least the Gustto is a new style...

    But people probably think that of bags I tote and love too. lol... so go with what you love.

    I'd try both on before you purchase tho to be sure.
  6. Chloe all the way - but I am a fan :heart::yes:
  7. Thanks ladies!
  8. Chloe silverado......I love this bag!!