CHloe Silverado in black

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  1. I am in L.A. right now drooling over a black Silverado (so soft you could use it as a pillow) I absolutely can't afford to buy it but it takes first place in my new dream list - by the way, tons of fake Balenciaga's all over Melrose AVe. (but I guess all you L.A. girls already know that). Having a great time here!
  2. Glad you're having a good time! :biggrin:
  3. Lucky you! I wish I was in LA right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ....tons of fake Balenciagas.....:sick:
    Welcome to LA!!!!
  5. Thanks Chris! -- Nothing you can't do or buy here with a few bucks - a really fun town! As a New Yorker who lives in Miami, I get a kick out of L.A. Saw Frank Langella having lunch today in Santa Monica - just a gray haired man eating soup!!! (but such a good actor).
  6. You are sooo not kidding!!!
  7. i saw a girl at work today with a black one. quite pretty :smile:

    i want one in white! (maybe - i can't decide!)
  8. Spent the day on Rodeo Drive - Looked at a bunch of bags - I'm not sure whether to buy a Chloe black silverado or wait for one of the (not yet released) Dior Gaucho's - I am loving my Roxanne (as it deserves to be loved) Went into Barney's in Bev. Hills - they have the largest selection of Balenciaga's I've seen - but I'm over them - there are too many really good fakes.