Chloe Silverado Hobo -- Please HELP!

  1. dear all,

    i went to a biz trip to asia right after i ordered this silverado hobo at NM. i thought this cutie would have greeted me when i came back; however, the order had been canceled!! (for they couldn't find me to verify the address... >.<)

    i really love this bag, could someone please let me know where can i get it? i really appreciate it!! thanks a lot in advance!
  2. hey chloe-babe,

    thanks a lot for letting me know! but it's a tote instead of hobo. :sad:
    however, that also gives me an idea of getting the tote, i think it's better structured. what do you think? :love:
  3. Try Nordstroms. I spoke to Tasha (?) in Atlanta and she found a few for me in tan, chamois, olive, and maybe black -- everything except the brown I wanted which I'm going to order from Aloharag.
  4. momonki, love your peko chan(?) avatar!!
  5. I'm so sorry to say, but I think I found the girl who got your back, check out the post "Look what I got from NM Last Call"......I'll do some searching to see if I can find anymore out there, I think there was a gold one on Bergdorf yesterday, but it's weird, all the sale items were 50% off last week and now they are only like 30% off online.....

  6. thank you! yeah she's peko, and the little boy poko. :P

  7. it's ok. yeah saw the post too, and i'm really happy for her!
    i'm not into metalic colors tho. "me" fall under the category
    of the old-school-fasion, no shining sparkling before 7 pm.
    thank you very much for all help!
  8. I FOUND IT ON NEIMAN AGAIN!!!! I hope you check this, it's there right now $882. and I meant bag the other day, not back......oh I hope you check this......
  9. I hear you on the metallics, not my style either, I can maybe do a small vernis Louis Vuitton but not metallic.....
  10. No I ordered mine from the NM website the same day she did- It took NM a week to ship mine. Her's must still be out there somewhere.
  11. It's back on NM site right now if you're still looking for it.