Chloe Silverado Hobo for $774

  1. Gone.
  2. I think there are some professional shoppers out there! geez, everything goes within a matter of minutes :sad:
  3. I know!! I've been wondering if NM's website was having some computer glitches since either the item is no longer available (we're talking about it being gone within a minute!!) or I'm able to place the order, but it gets cancelled immediately if you check your order history?!!!! :confused1:
  4. I got one! I got one!!!!!

    Crossing fingers and toes that the order doesn't get cancelled.
  5. I am returning this bag today. It is beautiful, the color is subdued and muted. But I am too small to carry off such a large bag with so many pockets.
    Just thought I would gove a heads up in case somene is interested.