Chloe Silverado Hobo - Comfortable?

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  1. I recently bought this bag in chocolate...

    love the looks of the bag, but notice because of the looping on the straps, when you wear it in the shoulder, it's not so comfortable...i'm wondering if anyone has this and has noticed that, or if it's not a big deal, or if you just wear it on the crook of your arm instead?

    it's such a beautiful bag in chocolate, and an amazing price...but i bought so many bags recently in the Neimans sale extravaganza that i'm curious if this is worth keeping:smile: thanks!
  2. I have this same bag in the lighter tan color, I got it on sale during the winter sale at Nordstrom. It is fairly easy to carry, I really don't carry it a lot, but I do like it. It fits well over my shoulders and the straps are not so long that you can't carry it satchel style, so it is pretty versatile. The Silverado's are getting harder and harder to find. Great price!! Nice bag!!
  3. I had the bag in gray and sold it cause it was too hard for me to carry. Loved the look though!!
  4. You're so lucky! I've been wanting that, and missed it on sale.
  5. thanks for all the responses! I prob will keep it b/c i love the looks...but just wanted some opinions from owners:smile:
  6. I tried it on but it kept sliding off my shoulder, too big and bulky for me and I'm a fairly big/tall girl.