Chloe Silverado, Help I can't make a decision!


Keep or Return?

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  1. I bought this Chloe Silverado last week from Holts for $1366CDN which is about 30% off.....

    BTW it has a more of a burgendy tone to it when you see it IRL.

    I cannot decide if it is a keeper or not!
  2. If you even have to ask then I'd say return it and buy one you love :yes:
  3. I'm bad. I sometimes keep things I don't *love* at first, because I often grow to love it later. I often return or sell things and then regret it - only to end up buying the exact same thing later. I guess I am so fickle that I don't trust my own first impressions. Maybe keep it for a week or two and then decide?
  4. I am wondering what you don't like about it? It seems utterly gorgeous but then I noticed that the grain doesn't match in the side sections. Am I being too picky? I adore Silverados! - especially textured ones.
  5. ^^ I'm thinking the thread.. the thread is funky.. but wouldn't it wear out quicker than if it was leather whipstitch?
  6. OMG, you are exactly like me....I am really aweful at buying and returning but sometimes I just cannot make up my mind.

    I am not crazy about the way the shoulder straps are, they don't sit properly on my shoulder and are a bit stiff. I think its becuase of the stitching!!!

    Well its been a week today and I am still not sure so I think it is going back!
  7. I love it.
  8. I am not a big fan of Silverados ... but i LOVE this one! something about the texture and the color...:love: I have also returned several bags only to regret it later, so i now take my time to figure out if i love the bag or not.
  9. I love the Silverados, but this one doesn't do anything for me.
    If you are wondering about returning it, do it... return it, it's not your dream purse.
  10. I have this bag and I love it!! I purchased mine from Nordstrom during their Chloe sale. It is one of my favorite bags. The whipstitch makes it unique and I love the color of the leather and the suede detailing as well! I say keep it. :yes:
  11. I usually say if you don't get that Oh My God rush, then don't keep it, there will be too many more along the way.
  12. That is one of my favorite Silverados! The texture on the leather and random patterns is so Chloe!!
    BUT, you have to love it and want to carry it!
    A Chloe sitting in the Closet just isn't worth keeping!

  13. I think that's a good policy. :yes:
  14. Agree with ReRe!

    My feeling is if you don't *know* it's a keeper, then it probably isn't.

    Voted for return- find something you LOVE and just have to have instead. :yes: