Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag

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  1. Has anyone seen this new bag? Neimans is showing it on their website and I wanted to get some opinions before purchasing. Thanks.
  2. I think this one is awesome. Look at the measurments though, I think it is huge. Medium seems to be hard to find.
  3. Thanks. I was really thinking this was going to be enormous!!
  4. It exists in medium but I have yet to find one in the tan. The regular medium siverado in tan is on NM online for pre order. I like the doctor style shape better though.
  5. i saw it at neimans and it was REALLY big... i saw the gold and it was beautiful but big....
  6. Do you think it is bigger than the Spy?
  7. I tried on the medium doc bag and it's big. I think it's the same as the spy roughly.
  8. I like my spy but it slouches on me because I don't keep it stuffed. When you tried it on, were you using it as a shoulder bag or a hand bag?
  9. i saw it at bloomies in soho nyc. it's a pretty big bag. i would say around the size of a spy bag. i saw it in brown and black, and not my cup of tea...
  10. i totally love this bag!

    WHY? because its BIG!!! :smile: (hehehe)
  11. I have the Silverado Dr Bag (small); I got it from Neimans online. It is not small (it is still 15" or so long; it was the largest bag I owned when I got it)

    I like it very much - it fits everything; and is comfortable to carry. The side pockets don't do much for me; I used to put my keys in there but then I seemed to be fighting to get them out.

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  12. loganz

    love it!!!! like it!!!! WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LOL - no purse for you - remember tickets, U2, smoking...(oh wait, that last one I made up :P ). I smoked for 12 years this is why I can rib you about it - if you ever want to know my secret for quitting success I will gladly share. (no pills, no weight gain, no patches, no gum, etc.) ;)

  14. :shame: well the ticket people finally took my money out of my VISA for the U2 tickets! so thats paid and the tickets came in the mail last night (i was grinning hard) (hehehe)

    Yeah, Loganz i would love to hear how you quit - PM if you wish! :amuse:
  15. Loganz, when did you get your small dr bag on NM ?