Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag

  1. Hi everyone...

    Does anyone know if this bag is available for purchase anywhere anymore?

    Thanks in advance!! :yes:

  2. sometimes, it pops up on NM sale section so keep watchin!
  3. Thanks shoptfs...

    that's what I'm hoping for! :p
  4. Oh, I will keep my eyes open for you. Love this bag! Also, check bluefly- you never know!
  5. Oh, I LOVE this silverado! I have this in tan, chocolate, red, and black! :yahoo: I got the red and the black from Roz (roz77772002 on eBay). She may be able to track another one down for you, but this is from '05 (I think) so it may be tough.:girlsigh: I have seen them from other sellers on eBay as well...check the stores on eBay. They may have one left over. You never know. :yes: My chocolate and the tan, (sort of a saddle tan) are from Neiman Marcus, and once in a while I do see them online, so keep your eyes peeled! Good Luck! I hope you are able to track one down!:wlae:
  6. My goodness Beanie, exacly how many bags do you have? :shrugs:
  7. Thanks Jag!!! :flowers:

    and yah! My goodness beanie! You sure do have alot of cool bags!!! Lucky you!!! Wow! Where's your bag showcase? I'd love to see 'em!! :yes:
  8. LOL, you know what??? I haven't counted...I think if I do I would be wondering when the little men in the white coats are arriving! :nuts: I started the bag thing about 3 years ago, when I exhausted my energy for shoes. LOL I wear a size 11 and it was so hard to find shoes that I became a bit obsessed...:graucho: But then, when I had plenty of shoes, (I like classic styles, so I bought a lot of Via Spigas) I got into handbags!! I started with Marc Jacobs and just "went" from there....(I had some BV and Gucci, but not a lot, 5 or 6 bags at that time.) Then I started noticing the paddys!!! (Downhill from there!:wlae: ) I got rid of a lot of my MJ's. I have only the classic older ones now: the original stellas in brown and the black, and some of the larger suedes and early leather styles. But it's the Chloe collection that is really extensive...:jammin: I don't know what the compulsion is, but now I am slowing down with it, since they are changing the quality. I have only bought a few '07's. I actually listed all my Chloes in one of the threads where we were describing our Chloe's here somewhere:smile::yes: But I love that doctor silverado, so I bought it in four colors.:heart:
  9. I love this bag.
  10. Girls, thanks for your posts.

    I was checking out that last ebay item from katelyn219 last nite too. I know nothing about Chloes (aside from the edith bowler I have) to know once I got it if it was a fake or the real thing.

    I know this seller does sell designer bags... but I'm nervous to buy from ebay! What do the good advice fairies here think??

    Ebay yes? or Ebay no?

    btw beanie... thanks for Roz's ebay ID... I checked it out, she doesn't have any now, but it's good for future! :yes: Also, I will have to search the threads for your collection of silverado doctor bags! I'm sure they are gorgeous!!! So this ebay auction that's listed is the lighter tan color, yes?
  11. Padparasha, I just sold mine on ebay a couple of weeks ago! (And it wasn't to a PF'er. :sad: )
    If you see any on ebay and need help authenticating, just let me know. It's a gorgeous bag, especially if you can find one in the Buffalo leather. :heart: