Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag at NM

  1. tnx for the tip!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. It is terribly heavy?
  3. It is heavy. I guess it would work great as a travel bag not an everyday purse.
  4. *sniff sniff*.. it's gone :sad:.. I looove that bag!

    OH I just reread what you wrote, haha. I was so quick to click the link that I didn't know you said that you're returning it and to check the status in a few days.
  5. Hey thanks for the heads up--what color was it?
  6. I just checked and its available now!
  7. not anymore!
  8. I sent mine back this morning. So, it should be available in a few days.
  9. ^^ thanks! I will keep an eye out and keep my fingers crossed! I'm just wondering how big is big. May I ask how tall you are?
  10. I am 5'2". Plus I am not into huge bags. YMMV:yes:
  11. Back again!!!
  12. Hey ladies. I just placed an order for this bag and I think it went through. i called custmer service and they say delivery is scheduled. I'm a small girl too but I carry so much stuff I need the big bags.

    I ordered the Silverado hobo a while back and I got it but it has too many pockets for my taste. i am probably going to send it back. But I want to compare it with the doctor bag. If I do send it back I'll give a heads up for anyone interested in the hobo.

    thanks for posting this bag. I think it;s just the right bag for me.
  13. I got it too. Schedule to arrive on Thursday!!
  14. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Can't believe I missed it again!