Chloe Silverado - Dead or Alive?!

  1. Hi everyone!
    Does anyone still carry their Silverado with pride? I love mine dearly, it is in the fab shade of Argent and always looks stunning whether it's sunny or dull - but I sometimes feel I am alone in the world in still loving and still carrying it - Please tell me am I living in the past, should I leave it at home and buy a Chloe Paddy and put the past behind me?
    As always I look forward to your most honest answers and opinions please...
  2. I say wear your Silverado with pride. Don't think of it as out of style, think of it as exclusive.;)

    I see Silverados occasionally, but I'm glad I don't see them everywhere, all the time.
  3. Yep, me too :yes:

    I love my Silverado and I wear it with pride :yahoo:
  4. Gosh I hope the Silverado's aren't dead..... :wtf:

    I just bought my first one. A Python Silverado from one of our PF Sisters. :woohoo:

    I haven't even received it yet.

    My Vote is definately ALIVE :yes:

  5. +1 :yes:
  6. I think the silverado is still as great as ever. I have 3. Just because they aren't a current style in stores anymore shouldn't affect how you feel. A lot of the newer bags haven't been as nice as the silverado.

    I'm still in love with mine - and I didn't get them during their peak in popularity...

    They've still got it.
  7. The Silverado is a Chloe classic style, I feel it will always be hip and chic.
  8. I've never seen anyone but me carrying one!
    And I tend to carry what I I say carry it with pride!
  9. i still use mine, i :heart: it!
  10. Don't put yours away! I still carry my python silverado a ton!
  11. Very Much ALIVE! I love mine and carry it often.
  12. Still alive and kicking. They're gorgeous!!
  13. definately not dead i love the silverado i dont have one but would buy one if i saw it!
  14. I adore my silver Python even though I am not using it that much lately. I will always keep it since it is a one of a kind.
  15. ^^^Ooooo id love a python silverado!!
    your very luck!