Chloe Silverado Buckle shoe

  1. Hi All...

    Ok, I fell in love with these shoes after reading hmwe46's post and Chloe-Babes' picture reply! So what do I do now?!!

    Am I too late to try and get a hold of these shoes anywhere aside from eBay? and NAP? I wanted the darker walnut color.

    Also, can proud owners of these babies tell me if they run true to size and * if * they are comfy!

    Thanks in advance... hope it's ok I posted about shoes and not a bag. :yes:


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    These shoes are seriously comfortable. They are seriously adorable. They are totally keepers. They run true to size. The eBay prices aren't outrageous, IMHO. You could also call round to Barney's and ask. :yes::yes::yes:
  3. I love these shoes as well... they came in black didn't they?
  4. YUP!

    Check with the Barney's and Sak's stores directly. They had some in stock depending on size, of course, last time I checked.

  5. Those are adorable. High high is the heel?
  6. I'm in Australia :crybaby: ... are they on sale in those stores or still full price? I'm sure that they will be stocked here this winter, but no doubt at a marked up price...
  7. yep, I wear mine all the time, they are high but the heel is so thick and you are so ensconced in the shoe that you feel fine in them.

    I adore them, good luck finding them, what size are you incase we come across some. The wedge version is still avail at NAP and they are gorgeous too
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  8. I found them to be a little on the small side, but very comfortable. Try calling a Saks. I found them there on major sale about 2 weeks ago.
  9. has a few styles on sale. The wedge, the hook lace up ones...check them out.
  10. these shoes are so hot. i remember they made the boot version. now that was even more of a looker.