Chloe Silverado Boots For sale

  1. There's a size 8 Chloe Silverado Boots.. the same ones as Sienna's available at Nordstroms in Dallas 214-231-3900. Ask for Josephine. I would have grabbed this but I already found one.:yahoo: They are stunning and comfortable considering the 4" heels. Oh yeah.. the price is around $490. Original price was $1155. Now that's a deal.;)
  2. Does Chloe shoes fit true to size?
  3. IMO Chloe runs about a whole size small for most of their footwear. The thing is, if it is a pull on boot (with no side zip), its more like a size and a half. don't know if the silverados are pull on or zip, but I tried on a pair of Chloe boots that were pull on and while I am normally a 39 in Chloe's flats and zip boots (8 or 38 in most other brands), I had to try a 39.5 to get my foot in...
  4. Too bad. I'm normally an 8.5 so the 38 won't even come close.
  5. Yes.. these boots are pull ons. I would go a full size up. I am normally 38 or 38.5 and found a 39.. which fits great.
  6. I'll keep my eyes posted for more sales then.