Chloe Silverado..A love story, with stress.....

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  1. The main thread of this post has pictures of my chloe silverado from the 2006 collection. The color is Bordeaux....all of the pics are of the same bag.
    Does this answer your question? I'm not sure that I understood correctly.:yes:
  2. Close call, I can totally understand that situation. I enjoy carrying my bags out to dinner, but many times I'm at a loss as to where to put it. I don't like sitting it on the floor, as we know, there could be anything there, sometimes I put it in a chair next to me and sometimes I put it in my lap, but I have to say that I've had near misses at each location (and a few hits) luckily the hits were minor and cleaned up. I'm afraid in my lap that I'll drop something on it---I don't want to make a big deal out of my concern for my bag, so, I guess the safest thing is to leave the bag at home, but then, what's the point of having a nice bag if you can't carry it out, so I'll continue to carry my bags, enjoy them, and hope that they stay safe:smile:.
  3. I'm still holding my breath from reading that!!!

    She 'laughed' it off? I get violent when it comes to my bags...

    Which reminds me...I have a new baby I need to get home to LOL!
  4. Your bag is gorgeous.
    We purselovers can certainly understand. =)
  5. Phew.....that was one close call!!! :okay:
  6. Your bags leather just looks amazing!
    I get the stress you have felt. I mostly keep my bags on my lap or depending on the bag hang if secure over the back of the chair. But there is just no 100% safe place I've seen witresses place plates incorrectly and spill some "juice" on peoples lap. :wtf:
    I can only hope nothing like this will ever happen to me!
  7. I got stressed out just reading that story! I'm glad your bag is okay.
  8. I have that exact Silverado! It is one of my favorite bags. :smile: I am so glad nothing happened to yours.
  9. Hi Abi --

    This particular Silverado is Bordeaux leather and chocolate brown suede w/ tri color stitching on the handles. I own this and I love it! It is so unique. :smile:
  10. don't you just totally love it? It is one of my most favs!