Chloe Silverado..A love story, with stress.....

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  1. Ok, I'm gonna boast....since this is the place to do so, and only you all at tPF would understand what it is like to have and behold such a dream bag.....
    And here is the FLIP-SIDE:
    I went out to eat at a restaurant in Vegas, and the waitress came over with our beverages....
    and like a good handbag mommy I am, I had my baby Chloe Silverado in a chair next to me, of course with a napkin underneath it (we don't know what could be on the chair, now do we? :confused1:)
    ok, now, the waitress is coming over and STUMBLES, nearly.....spilling the drinks onto, into all over my BAG.:cursing:

    I regain my senses from this narrow miss, grab my bag an hold it in my lap, while the waitress kinda laughs it off. You see, how would the non-Handbag-gers understand what almost just happened:Push::Push:!

    From that point on, the Silverado stays in my lap when it goes out......:yes:

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  2. phew, this happened to another member's Silverado, and she wasnt so lucky, she had beer spilt all over hers. I hate these near misses tho, it just brings it home how easy it is to ruin our gorgeous bags, however careful we are being with them :smile:

    glad your story had a happy ending!
  3. First: :drool:!!!

    Second: Thank God that your bag survived that near death experience!

    I tend to keep my bag on my lap, I feel like maybe I can huddle it to my body if I feel some impending doom. I'd rather take the hit than the bag...that makes me weird doesn't it?
  4. :roflmfao:Ha! Then that makes two of us.....
  5. OMG, your bag is gorgeous!!! Is that buffalo with suede?!?!

    Thank god it was just a near miss! I have had this happen to me before and it sends your heart rate through the roof! :wtf:
  6. OMG....I broke into a sweat just READING that! :throwup:I also keep my handbag on my lap in a restaurant. I usually bring the medium paddy for "restaurant going", since it's smaller than the large zippy or the US Shopper...I haven't taken any of my silverados out to eat though, now I will have to regroup on that one...:confused1: Last night I was out to dinner and I was carrying the medium ivory ('06) paddy. One of the women at the table noticed the lock and said, "Oh, how cute! Maybe my granddaughter (who's 10!) would like a purse like that!":wtf: I just sort of smiled at her and said, "Yes, I'm sure she would!" My DH was oblivious, thank God!!:graucho: I thought for sure she would ask "how much was it, and where to get one?" But luckily, I didn't have to expose my addiction and insanity at the table:smile::rolleyes:
  7. I can just see that whole scene happening in slow motion. The waitress trips and the drinks go flying through the air, their contents slowly coming closer and closer to your bag while you reach in protestation toward your bag, trying to save her before this horrible fate becomes her "nnnnnoooooooooowwwwwww" you yell, your voice strangely deep and gutteral sounding as all slow motion voices are. You don't make it in time, but thankfully the drinks crash like waves in an epic manor, just short of your bag. Your heart is still pounding loudly in your ears as you grasp your bag and place her safely in your lap. You look up at the waitress and the steam literally comes out your ears as you see her laughing off the situation as though a crisis of life and death hadn't just been averted. Still in slow motion, your face turns red and contorts in fury as you rise from your chair, your hands shaped into claws, aimed at her scrawney silly little neck...ok, maybe i went a little too far with that last part, but that's what i'd be tempted to do if it happened to me. That or at least i'd be tempted to leave her a measley tip. *sigh* but how could one blame her of her ignorance.

  8. OMG! This is actually how it occured in my mind, I just couldn't find the right did great!!!:smile:
    You can't imagine how I wanted to get up and slap her and tell her that a "free meal, next time" wouldn't even be able to repair the damages....
    My dinner-mates just looked at ME, like I was over-reacting! They have no idea....
  9. yes- it can be really awkward- looking after your bag without appearing to be too precious at the same time.

    Recently I was out with my husband, the in laws and all of our kids, at a big soft play area for children. I was taking my kids to play in one of the areas, carrying my brand new bay bag, and my sister in law said I could leave it at our table and she'd keep an eye on it (she knows how expensive my bags are and teases me mercilessly about it! so she knew she wasn't just offering to watch any old bag).

    I put it under the table, right in the middle, so it wouldn't get kicked about or anything. I was kind of loathe to leave it, but if I'd said no, I would have looked really precious.

    When I came back to the table, surprise, surprise, my niece had spilt my husband's coffee all over everything on the floor- except my bag fortunately, but it was a very lucky miss.

    When I was thinking about it later, I was thinking that I am not too highly strung about these sort of things, and the bag would have cleaned up and that would have been it (I would never have made any sort of scene anyway, if you carry an expensive bag, you do so at your own risk, is my opinion). But then I realised that even if the leather had cleaned up okay, the stitching would have been stained, and i would have been gutted. It is an awkward line to walk- taking care of your bag without putting its welfare ahead of everything else! (I probably shouldn't have taken it that day!!!)
  10. Gorgeous bag, I'm impressed you did not pass out or something when the waitress spilt drinks all over it! (I would!)
  11. She ALMOST spilled on it, I felt like screaming! But I know the dangers of bringing out a To Die For bag.
  12. haha oh good then! I mean, we can always shower right, but cleaning leather is so much more complex!
  13. Thats scary - just glad the bags ok!:yes:
  14. wow Rapunzel.... you are good!:tup:
  15. may i ask which silverado this is in the pic??looks wonderful!!am drooling....
    am glad she's safe!