Chloe Silverado 40% off at Traffic Boutique!!!

  1. Traffic Boutique in Costa Mesa, California is selling their Silverados at 40% off!! They have silver, teal, and a few more. I picked up a chocolate :heart: classic!!:yahoo: Their phone # is 714-557-9983 PST
  2. AHHHH!!!!!!!
    Lucky duck.
    Unfortunately customs would kill me, but I'd love a chocolate or whisky silverado!!!!!
  3. great deal. Well Done :biggrin:
    Please post piccies as soon as your new baby is here :smile:
  4. Did you get the tote or the satchel?
  5. I am assuming that it is the satchel, not the tote. I am a recent Chloe convert- ha,ha!:P I tried to upload the picture, but it states that the KB are too much for the PF. The teal is beautiful that they still have there. I would snatch it but I just bought a gold (bronze looking) pocket paddington that was on impulse buy and need to sell. It just looked so pretty sitting there....:angel:
  6. Try resizing the photo in a photo program, or, you can lower the resolution on your camera so that it uses less KB.

    Would like to see that bag! :nuts:
  7. I am addicted to this board!!!!!!! Not only do I learn about bags, but about how to use my camera- thank you!!! :tender: Here is my new chocolate silverado to go along with my pocket paddington and my bags that are coming from cricket liverpool, on well... when they come. Yes, I have become a Chloe addict- these bags are extraordinary!!!!:heart:
  8. that bag is amazing!:yahoo:

    how much did you end up paying?
  9. Thanks!!!!!! It was $1200 with 40% off, and ugh!!!! had to pay that California sales tax- so $775 altogether. Not too bad, I think. I will get a lot of wear with it. :P
  10. hey rolexgirl congrats! great price!
  11. That's a great deal! I love the Silverado in the chocolate color. Looks very nice! Congrats!
  12. That is a GREAT price and a beautiful bag. Just the right size and shade.
  13. I called in hopes of them having a satchel left. No satchels left, but one-strap hobos are left for those who are interested. I believe she said blue, silver, and I thought I heard her say burgundy (?). Definitely double-check if interested.
  14. It's really cute, and what a great price. Congrats!
  15. chipoman,
    I called, they have a silver (I think) it was metallic satchel ... the regular size, not the large. I talked to Amy. That was the only satchel she said they had, yes the rest were hobos.