Chloe Shopping Handbag(pocket)

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Does anyone know if the new bags have come to the USA yet...I am really hesitant to order from LVR....I saw the beautiful white one posted and WANT one(In tan)!..and I really dont want to order from Chloe in Germany...without seeing it first...let me know if you see it PLEASE!!
Also-Why does LVR show the bag for 1565,US dollars and my Saks SA said its coming in at 1910.00....later in the spring???
Because LVR takes off the VAT tax for shipments to the U.S....that's why it is cheaper to buy from them. You will have to pay customs fees, though...around 10% of purchase price. I know the Florida has some Edith bags, but no one has pocket bags that I have heard of...yet.
I MAY place my order today. I think I have decided to go with the mousse big pocket. I love the small pocket in chocolate, but I think it's too tame for me...the mousse is calling my name! I think it's the Neiman Marcus...someone posted about it, you can search the posts for "Flordia Edith" and should find it.
Have you called the Chloe stores, South Coast Plaza, or NY?

I read that SCP got a large shipment in on Monday, of which bags - I don't know, but they supposedly got a lot in. :biggrin:
I called Chloe NYC today. The SA indicated they had the pocket bag in two sizes. They had the smaller version in white. I didn't ask what colors they had in the larger size.