Chloe Shoes

  1. I've been thinking about these shoes for a long time and I may go ahead and buy a pair this week. I haven't found any less expensive work shoes that I love half as much. But paying so much for loafer pumps is a bit daunting (they're all around $600). Are Chloe shoes as great quality as Chloe bags?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Dottie, I have a few pairs of Chloe shoes from last fall, although they are beautiful, they have only left the box 2 times because they are not very comfortable. I think that they are excellent quality, but for me they are not comfy.
  3. Thanks for the info, Kamilla. Comfort is important because I live in the city and walk everywhere. Hmm...
  4. I have some Chloe flats and I wear them almost as much as my Dior flats. They're extremely comfortable. I don't know about the heels you are asking about, because my flats are the only pair of Chloe shoes I own.

    I actually think my Chloe shoes are my best pair of flats.

    Here's a link to the ones I have (in the Cafe color):
    I had my cobbler affix an extra layer of sole put on mine because I wear them outside. They come with leather soles by default, and that's bad on the grass.
  5. I like the ones on the far left the best. Chloe shoes seem comfy to me once they're broken in, but they seem to take awhile in my opinion
  6. I love these, especially for the price. How is the sizing on these shoes? I usually wear 9.5 - sometimes 9 but better a bit roomy than a bit tight. I think 40 would work but maybe I should get 40.5.
  7. Do not size up! I did because they were 'designer' and I figured I would need to, but I ended up sending them back and getting the smaller size.