Chloe Shoes--True to Size?

  1. as the title says, i'm in love with a pair of Chloe flats but don't know if it runs true to size. Thank you~~
  2. Which style is it? I've had two different pairs and they were a full size difference!
  3. it's this pair that i'm looking at...
    i don't know what the specific style is, but i think they're adorable~~!!!

    please input ur 2cents on how you think this pair would fit. Thank you~~
  4. Ahhh, ok I had the slightly different version of these and found they came up very big. I normally wear a 9 and got them in an 8.

    Are you buying them from somewhere they could be returned or exchanged?

    BTW, they are the most sublimely soft leather!!
  5. it's on YOOX, and i was hoping that they run small cuz there's only 7.5 left. and i wear 6.5.... :crybaby::crybaby:
  6. No sorry, these run big :sad:
  7. i have a pair of black chloe flats with the buckle and find that although it fits, i could do with a 1.2 size smaller
  8. Anyone know if Chloe runs a bit small or true to size, especially compared to Pradas? TIA! :heart:
  9. Hi there, I find them to be true to size, and have even found them to be generous before (especially the high wedges with the tie fronts)

    I would just order your normal size and you will be fine :smile:
  10. I have found that it depends. For example, the Paddington boots ran big, then came the flats, which ran true to size...but then I bought sandals, which ran small
  11. I have the same question. Does anyone have these shoes? I bought them on sale in half a size smaller than my normal size. They feel fine, but I want to make sure I won't regret them. Thanks a lot!!!