Chloe shoes on sale right now!

  1. OMG!!
    If you wear size 8.5, these shoes, normally $715 are only $178.
    I would be all over it but it's not my size and this makes me cry.
    Find them here at Neiman Marcus.

    * :sad: There gone, never mind.
  2. damn, its not available now :sad: I'm an 8.5!!!!!!!!
  3. Damn! I'm an 8.5 - and it's such a common size, good shoes never go on sale :sad:

    But they were python and I probably wouldn't have gone for them anyway. Great deal, though.
  4. [​IMG]
    NOOOOOOOO! I want them so bad! Damn...
    I'm a 8.5 too, it is a very common size indeed...
  5. damn these are on sale too:


    they would sooo match my new bag:love: but they are uncomfortable as hell!
  6. sorry to hear u missed that deal