Chloe shoes on sale at Nordies!

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  1. Hi all, I forgot to tell you Nordstrom also has most of their current season Chloe shoes on sale. I got the cutest TDF Paddington loafer heels. I will post pics later! They were 30% off.
  2. Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. When I went to the Topanga nordstrom last week they were already sold out of all their Chloe shoes!
  4. The Valley Fair store still had lots of Chloe shoes as of yesterday. I picked up a pair of the Silverado Boots for $769 and the Paddington shoes for $329.

    I also saw the Silverado shoes, the paddington ballerina shoes, and a lace up style on sale.
  5. Congrats ladies!:yes: :yahoo: :heart:
    Pics ASAP! lol:love:

    I've been looking for the paddington boots at a *reasonable* price, but i can't seem to find any...the only ones i've seen on Ebay are knock-offs.:rolleyes:
  6. What colour Silverado boots did you get...?
    NAP have the tobacco boots up for £628!!!:wtf:
  7. I got the boots in Tobacco - they are TDF! I figured it was well worth the splurge....???
  8. has several chloe shoes and boots for sale. Including the paddinton style.
  9. Are the Chloe boots true to their size
  10. I have a pair of Silverado Chloe boots and had to go up a size and half. I guess because I have a wide foot. But Chloe shoes I wear TTS. I tried on a pair of the paddington boots and had to go up in that too. I think its just the boots that fit odd on me.
  11. i know i'm a little late because i forgot i wanted them, but did anyone see any of those buckle flats? if so, how much were they?
  12. They did have the buckle flats but I can't remember how much, somewhere between $275 and $300.