Chloe shoes on sale at Intermix

  1. The prices have finally come down to what NM, Saks and Nordies were selling them for. I think there were some people looking for these. Limited sizes available.
  2. [​IMG]$619
  3. Intermix is great the only problem is final sales on sale items. So be sure of sizes.
  4. Does anyone know of any other online retailers selling Chloe wedges as I tried to order but they don't ship internationally :yucky:
  5. I love intermix!!! Be sure and size up if youre ordering any of the shoes on the top row of this post (the covered platform group) they run small, I needed a 41 and I usually wear a size 9.5 or 10.
  6. I know that they don't ship internatioanlly, but do they accept a non-us cc? I can have the item shipped to an american address...
  7. Great price...I just bought the buckle wedge! I have a pair of the Lace-Up Oxford heels and find they run pretty true to size.
  8. I am so sad!!!!! This morning before I left the house I checked, once again the Black lace-ups that I wanted to order. Plenty this morning in at least 5 diff sizes.
    Unsure of the size, so I waited untill this afternoon and :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:!!! They are completely gone!!!! They aren't on the website at all! How could they sit there for days and then all disappear in a few hours!!!
  9. Definitely call one of the Intermix stores. They may have what you need in store and then you can charge-send it.
  10. Thanks for the tip! They are so cute.:yes: