Chloe shoes -- how do the sizes run???

  1. I am considering a pair of Chloe platform sandals for Summer.....does anyone know how the sizes run ....large, small or true to size....????

    Any input would be appreciated ...thanks!
  2. I would like to know too as considering a pair of courts that I have just saw
  3. I can't believe I am even considering a pair of $650 shoes ...but, I love them....
  4. I'm not sure about other styles, but I recently bought the Paddington Mocassins and had to buy a size bigger. The SA told me the other customers did the same.
  5. Most of my chloe' shoes are run true size
  6. I will know in a few days when I get my heels!! :smile:
  7. Boots in my experience, I have to go slightly larger,

    but to date, every single pair of shes has been perfectly true to size, or even slightly generous in size :smile:
  8. My sandals are generous and my boots are true to size, I would say.

    Which is unfortunate for me, because my sandals are a half size bigger than my boots and at least a size too big. :biggrin:
  9. I have the patent oxford wedges, my feet measure on a shoe measuring thing 38.5 and I bought a 40.0 The 40.0 fits quite snugly! The mocs I have are a 38.5 and also fit snugly, so I think the sizing is all over the place with Chloé shoes!
  10. Thanks to everyone for input....I really appreciate it...
  11. i wear a 37.5 in heels and flats and 38 in sandals, i guess it depends upon the style?
  12. I think it depends on the style!! I usually wear size 37, but I have to get a size 36 for flats!!
  13. it definitely runs true to size. i'm a 35 in chloe and a 5 in general and it fits perfectly.