Chloe shoes.. Help me pick!

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  1. If you can only pick 1 or 2, which one(s) would you choose?
    1. Chloe dark brown
    2. Marc by MJ dark brown
    3. Chloe slingback Tan
    4. Chloe Paddington Tan

    - P


  2. Hmmmm....a side view would be nice, but if I had to pick one I think the MJ shoes are super cute!!
  3. This is the only I have for now.. it's the 3rd pair

  4. I like #2 and #3 best but it depends on what else you have.
  5. The MJ shoes look lovely on you!
  6. I like the second pair!
  7. Hey skinny leg girl!! You look adorable in all those shoes making it difficult to choose. First, I have pair number three in dark brown (Chloe cross front Wedge). Since I broke those suckers in I've been wearing the hell out of them. My personal pick for you is shoe number one, the dark brown Chloe double strap. LOVE the buckles on those things and I think you show them off splendidly.

    Hey??? Can you keep 1 and 3???? I think I would.:heart:
  8. its really hard as they all look fantastic on you, but as you have such slender ankles you can afford to go the more clumpy route, so 1 and 4 gets my vote ;)
  9. ^^^ ITA w/ Chloe-babe. I love #1 w/ the buckle detail and #4 with the ankle strap.
  10. I like #1 or #2 :smile:

    I don't like #4... they look loose or something..
  11. i like the 2nd pair~~ u have a model's body!!
  12. i like #1 and #2... not feeling #3
  13. i love #2!
  14. First, your legs are HOT!!! I wish my Chloe wedges looked like that on me!! :nuts:

    But I like the 2. Marc by MJ dark brown best :yes:
  15. I love them all.. Argghhhh

    If i had to pick though:

    #2 and #4