Chloe shoe soles

  1. I have a quick question and would love to know how other take care of their Chloe shoe soles.

    I own the Edith boots since last year and just recently got a pair of tan Silverado lace-ups. I never treated the soles of my boots and they have held up well in all weather (snow and rain included), but my Silverado soles seem to be suffering just after a few outings. Kind of like have a sole made out of carboard, eventhough I know it's leather.

    Was i suppose to get a sole, leather or rubber, put on the original soles prior to wearing them out? The shoes still look beautiful, but I'd like to take any precautionary measure I can since I know I'll be wearing these for a long, long time.

  2. Oh ceseeber I hate hearing this? I have Silverado mules (recent purchase) and I've been wearing them ad nauseum, granted no snow, no rain elements involve and they are holding up fabulously?

    I don't know what to say about your laceups. Your soles and my soles should be the same??? Shouldn't they? Or does Chloe farm out soles in the same line to different factories (oh Nathalie, this is your forte).

    I would get them into a cobbler's care ASAP and get rubber applied to the bottom in order to protect your purchase.

    So sorry to hear this.
  3. Sure they could be made in different factories with different quality control issues. I agree with Susie to get a protective layer applied.
  4. Getting the rubber applied to the soles is such an excellent idea. :yes: I have a pair of bordeaux silverados, and I can't count on two hands the number of times I've slipped down stairs and on the street. The soles of my boots are indeed fairly scuffed. There is absolutely NO traction on these babies as cute as they are!
  5. I find with most expensive shoes, soles end up looking like cardboard very quickly. I have two pairs of chloe flats and they look great except the soles. Im planning to get rubber soles put on them soon, it cost nothing but prolongs the life of your shoes like 500%