Chloe shoe addiction - (!!!) anyone seen these avail?

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  1. Hi you guys :heart:

    I am in love with Chloe shoes, specifically the platforms, I own 4 pair, Mary Jane, Silverado three buckle, Silverado lace up in darkest brown and black patent lace up. When I found these shoes, I was so happy. I wear jeans a lot and I can wear 35/36 inch inseams with these, LOVE!!! Anyway, I would really like to have the three buckle in the light brown/tan, can't find it anywhere online in my size, 40. Anyone seen them? I know they are from fall, so I may be out of luck except for ebay. Anyway, here is a link to the shoes on NAP. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!
    Thanks :wlae:
  2. Hey digging the pups!

    Wow you want the hot tamale when it comes to Chloe shoes. Those puppies have been sold out for quite a while.

    Gulp? Ebay maybe your best bet and I've seen them on Bluefly but size 40's go fast since people with size 9 shoes buy that catagory in Chloe with Wedges and heels.

    When your shopping Ebay and querying "chloe shoes", go to the bottom of the page and click on the btn List. You'll get more shoes to investigate (it could say ebay store?).

    Let us know what happens and good luck!:shrugs:

  3. :heart::heart::heart:Thanks very much, susieserb!!! That is so nice of you! However, I actually have those already... I got them for about $250 at NM last call way back in January or February. That is when I discovered my love for these shoes and ended up with 4 pair for such a great price. They are cool looking and so comfy. I think people who say they are not comfy are in the wrong size as most stoes label a 40 a 10 when it is a 9!!!! I have one pair in a 39.5 and they barely fit, I wear those the least..... yikes! I wear jeans everyday practically and these shoes are worth every penny to me with the long inseams.... It sounds like from your reply that ebay may be my only option... I'll stalk and hope I can find them. Thanks again. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Whoa got those shoes at an awesome price. Good for you.

    I have some wedges from Chloe and they're a 39.5 (I'm also a 9) the 39's were too small. I've never tried the 40's though.