Chloé SHEWS!!!

  1. I found these beauuuutiful Chloé shoes on that Dutch auctioning website. I've been looking for a nice pair of black sandals for a long time, to wear to party's and gala's and stuff. The seller seems trustworthy - she said her husband bought them for her when he went to America for business, at Saks Fifth Avenue. She said she loved them, but isn't used to walking on high heels, so she decided to sell them.



    I think they're real...Are they?
    She said the retail price was up to 900/1000 dollars, and I can get them for €140 (about $190), including the shipping costs... Should I do it?
  2. They're beautiful shoes!!
  3. Hmmm, I would try to find the same shoes online somewhere and compare pictures, or show the pics to a Chloe salesperson... maybe check if the lady will accept a return? ask for the original receipt?
  4. Her husband shops for her shoes? and he bought her heels when she doesn't usually wear them ........... stories are such a laugh sometimes!
    Hmmmmmmm, yes check them out online, somewhere to verify they made this style.
  5. they are a very old style, I am sure I have seen them before this season on Yoox etc, so they prob are real, but not a recent purchase for sure!

    I would say if you love them, get them, but it doesnt seem like a real bargain for me, as there is not alot to em!! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks a lot for your opinions! I decided to go to the Salvatore Ferragamo outlet first, b/c I'd love to have a pair of designer sandals I can wear to my gala, but I really want to try them on first. Cause what if they don't fit at all...
    If I can't find anything, I'll contact the lady again... I like the shoes, but it's not that I love them a lot.

    By the way, I thought the front piece of the shoe looked a bit stretched, so I asked her if she had a pic where she has them on. So this is what they'd look like if you're wearing them (although I do have a bit nicer feet than she does ^^)