Chloe Sevigny !!!

  1. I love and appreciate Chloe Sevigny as a well deserved accomplished actress, I just cant seem share the same passion for her fashion sense.
    she definitely has her own agenda, and i suppose there's nothing wrong with that.

    What do you think ?





  2. you know, i like it, i mean, that she is edgy. i think it's cool that she takes risks
    she's not the typical hollywood actress, so i say, go for it.
  3. Very unique. She has great legs!
  4. She seems to dress like the free spirit I'm guessing she is. That being said, what the heck is that white thing on her head??:hrmm:
  5. she's great on Big Love.
    Her style is bad IMO but her bod is so hot! I woner why she doesn't make more of her assets{?}

  6. Her style is a bit out there. But she has a great body,and she has really nice legs. I love her charecter in Big Love!, I just wish she didnt have to wear those long skirts,and button down shirts on Big Love!
  7. WTF????:shocked: But she has great taste in umbrellas-- I have that one from Target!! :biggrin:
  8. It used to really piss me off when Vogue et al were going nuts over her style. She looks ridiculous most of the time. I like her a lot, and she has a great body and is attractive, so I don't get the weird dressing.
  9. I like the way she dresses. Would I dress like her noooo but I respect that she does her own thing. She to me doesnt strike me as one who dresses like that for attention. I just think she loves fashion. To me she is VERY Carrie Bradshaw. I think she is FAB!
  10. thats tragic
  11. Really Selena? I swore I saw that eggplant taffeta number {2nd photo} in my paren't swedding photos! LOL!

    She's a hottie. . . . but I think her style doesn't 'flow' right.

    She looked hot in that episiode where Barb was narc'd on!
  12. I think she's a hot mess! I love her character on Big Love! Did anyone see when she called into the Suze Orman show?
  13. I love her she's a true original. What she's doing may not always work but she isn't out there following trends, she's just being herself. I think her outfits display a great deal of imagination. I'd love to see her get a Vogue cover now that Big Love is such a hit. Vogue loves her but they seem to put the same 3-4 bland starlets on the cover every month...that's seperate issue though :biggrin: I love her though, I can post some of her outfits that I think really work if anyone wants to see those.

  14. Sure !! I would Luxx.
  15. ^^absolutely!

    Did anyone see her that wacky flick American Psycho?