Chloe Serial Numbers / Date Codes: Meaning

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  1. Super quick question* (as have been searching for nearly an hour and can't find the answer! Even though I knew the answer to this question 'Once upon a Time...').

    What do the Serial numbers mean:

    With 6 digits... e.g. 03-05-53

    With 10 digits... e.g. SA 50-01-06-54

    ***For the purpose of quick searches and reference, without having to trawl through the reference threads.
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  2. I've also been struggling with the whole date/serial number thing. And, like you, trawling for hours! I've been asking on the 'Authenticate this Chloe' thread, whether authentic bags can have tags with letters as well as numbers. Unfortunately I haven't received a reply, but I'm desperate to know! I currently own 3 Chloe bags, all with 6 digit codes. It'll be interesting to see if you get a response to this thread. I hope you do! :smile:
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  3. Hey FB,

    My memory tells me that in the 6 digit codes (we'll use the one in my first post as an example...03-05-53) the first number is for the season...the second is the year and the third is the style? So this would be the date code for a Fall 2005 Paddington?

    But I'm prolly wrong! 'Cos I haz the memory of a...err...Fruitbat.

    Need help! :help:
  4. Hi MM,

    I'm new to Chloe, so won't be much use in fathoming the codes. All I know is the middle digits denote the year, and I think the first denotes season. I've two Paddingtons, with 53 as the last digit, so you're probably right assuming this represents the style.

    Have you experience of serial/date tags with letters and numbers? I've read that these particular tags are from bags made in Bulgaria. I've only seen them on Chloe Bays, and they've ended in 50.. again, presumably the style.

    Sorry I can't be any more help. Have you tried posting the question in the 'Authenticate this Chloe' thread?

    And you may have the memory of a Fruitbat.. but are you as cute?! :graucho:
  5. ^^ LOL!

    I have owned and sold on a few Chloe bags but didn't make notes of the serial this info is from limited experience and a poor memory! I think 53 is Paddington and 54 is Silverado. In the examples above, the 6 digit was pre mid-2006...which is when Chloe switched to the 10 digit codes, I think.

    Have emailed a couple of folk for some case they don't see this thread.

    I'll update if they get back to me.
  6. ...perhaps I should email Chloe?
  7. :bump:

    Does anyone know about a date code in this format? 0412xxxx-x

    I recently bought a bag from the myhabit sale last week and out of curiousity I came here to see what it meant and so far I've noticed most ppl post date codes in the format xx-xx-xx or xx-xx-xxxx. I would think myhabit would sell authentic products as I've never had an issue with things I've bought from them in the past.
  8. I think it doesn't mean not a authentic chloe,my paraty code is 0209xx-xx,one of marcie code is 0311xx-x and the other one is 0311xx,I bought both of them from chloe boutique of the same season collection,so you have no idea which format match the styles or products.

    If you doubt your bag,just post some pics to Authentic thread,most lovely TPFer would like to help you.
  9. Thanks for your response! It does make me feel better to know the date stamp varies. I will take your advice and post in the authenticate this thread. Thanks!
  10. Please help! Is Chloé Bay bag with this serial nummber an original one:


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  11. How about 52?
  12. Hi is this chloe elsie real code,? 121152... and what is the meaning of this code?tia

  13. Me, too! Though my Chloe contains 8 numbers xx-xx-xx-xx... fake or not?
  14. Hi! Actually, I believe this unique number is Chloe's authentic serial number from Bulgaria. So it is still authentic, just not from Italy. WIN!
  15. Is this an original Chloé? Please help me

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